Mascarpone cream with strawberries

Mascarpone cream with strawberries


For 4 jars (175 ml each):

150 g Mascarpone

375 g low-fat quark cheese

4 tbsp. mineral water

4 tbsp. + 8 tsp. Darbo strawberry lime syrup

4 strawberries

Mint to garnish



Mix the mascarpone, quark and 4 tbsp. syrup with the whisk of the hand mixer. Fill the cream in a piping bag with a perforated spout. Wash the strawberries, pat them dry, then clean and quarter them.

Squeeze a thin layer of cream into each jar and place 1/2 tsp. Darbo strawberry lime syrup on top. Prepare the others in a similar manner and then cover with cream. Distribute the strawberries on top and garnish with mint.


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