Lemon tiramisu

Lemon tiramisu


300 g sponge fingers

to soak

approx. 100 ml Darbo “Sicilian Lemon” syrup

For the cream:

500 g mascarpone

250 g quark (20% or 40% fat)

200 g cream

100 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 sachet vanilla sugar

1 organic lemon with its peel (or 1 sachet of grated lemon zest)

100 ml Darbo “Sicilian Lemon” Syrup

a pinch of sugar (optional – use if you like it sweet)

For the decoration:

Lemon slices

Whipped cream

Ground white chocolate

Chopped pistachios


Place half of the sponge fingers in a baking dish (25–30 cm x 20 cm) and drizzle half of the lemon syrup on top.

To make the cream, thoroughly mix all ingredients until you get a smooth consistency. If you like it sweet, add a little sugar.

Evenly spread half of the cream over the sponge fingers.

Now, spread the remaining sponge fingers on the cream and drizzle the remaining syrup on top.

Spread the remaining cream on top and smooth the surface down.

Decorate with lemon slices, whipped cream, ground white chocolate and chopped pistachios. Refrigerate until serving.

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