Fruity nut balls

Fruity nut balls


For the balls:

100 g dried cranberries

100 g soft dried dates

200 g soft dried apricots

150 g ground oats

100 g Darbo Double-Fruit strawberry fruit spread

50 g coarsely ground almonds

½ tsp. cinnamon (add other spices as you please, such as cardamom, aniseed, vanilla etc.)

For the crispy batter:

50 g grated coconut

50 g ground pistachios

50 g ground almonds 

50 g freeze-dried strawberries


Chop the dried fruit with a countertop blender or a hand blender. Add the remaining ingredients and blend into a smooth paste.

Make even balls from the paste. The easiest way is to take up evenly sized portions of the paste with a teaspoon and roll them into balls with your hands. If the paste is too sticky, keep wetting your hands with cold water.

Roll the finished balls in grated coconut, pistachios, almonds or strawberries and store them in an airtight tin.

They will stay fresh for several days.

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