A fruit content of up to 70% tastes 100% better – naturally.

Our all natural, Double-Fruit fruit spread is based on an old family recipe. Just like back then, we only use high-quality fruit that is gently heated and stirred, thus protecting the natural fruit flavour. The high fruit content of up to 70% also ensures that our jams provide an unforgettable taste experience.

Rose apricot

Darbo - Rose apricot


Darbo - Raspberry

Wild blueberry

Darbo - Wild blueberry

Wild lingonberry

Darbo - Wild lingonberry

Forest berries

Darbo - Forest berries

Sour cherry

Darbo - Sour cherry

Apricot and elderflower


Darbo - Apricot and elderflower

Blackberry and blackcurrant


Darbo - Blackberry and blackcurrant

Sweet orange

Darbo - Sweet orange

Garden strawberry

Darbo - Garden strawberry

Nutritional information per 100g

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