Everyone knows that the colder months have their own special charm. Let Darbo’s limited-edition winter syrups tempt you away as winter draws near. The edition includes an impressive selection of seasonal flavours such as baked apple, cranberry and chokeberry, and quince. Whether served warm or cold, every mouthful of sweet, tangy or fruity flavour is guaranteed to bring enjoyment with Darbo’s proven quality.

As well as a unique taste experience, the winter syrups also offer a feast for the eyes. For instance, the labels immediately conjure up an autumnal and wintery scene with snow, Christmas biscuits, candles and baubles. This eye-catching design sets the winter syrup apart from the standard range of Darbo syrups.

The winter syrups will be prominently displayed at a wide selection of shops for a short time only, with visitors having the option to try a spoonful.

Delicious both warm and cold – an ideal accompaniment for tea or a classy addition to your punch.

Baked apple

Darbo - Baked apple

Cranberry and chokeberry

Darbo - Cranberry and chokeberry


Darbo - Quince

Nutritional information per 100g

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