To the joy of all those yearning for sun, summer is on its way. When the temperatures get particularly hot, a cool drink provides both refreshment and enjoyment. Starting in the month of May, Darbo will once again offer its popular iced coffee syrup to the legions of coffee enthusiasts out there!

Regardless of whether you’d prefer whole, light or soy milk, finding the right taste for you is easy. Darbo iced coffee syrup will help you to prepare delicious drinks in minutes. Simply pour over cold milk, mix and enjoy! When it comes to something sweet, let your fantasy run wild! Darbo iced coffee syrup also goes great with sweet dishes and desserts.

Darbo iced coffee syrup is available from eye-catching displays at well-stocked stores.

Iced coffee

Darbo - Iced coffee

Nutritional information per 100g

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